Welcome to The Temptations’ official website. The group is celebrating its 60th Anniversary through 2022.

To mark this milestone, The Temptations released a brand-new album, Temptations 60, with nearly all-original songs. Otis Williams, the group’s founding member and the album’s executive producer said, “Our new album carries with it, our legacy, our love of music and our hope that through our music we can uplift and bring people together. Most of all. We want fans to enjoy it and share it with family and friends around the world. It’s a thank you gift from our hearts to all of our fans, past, present and future.” Get your copy and listen now: https://thetemptations.lnk.to/tempts60album.

The Temptations are touring the U.S. this year and will also tour abroad in the fall of 2022. Please look for the cities & dates under the “Tour” section to locate cities near you. Click on the venues to link to ticket details.

The national touring production of the smash hit Broadway musical, Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations kicked off its national tour to cities countrywide for the next several years. Check out the dates & cities under the “Musical” section, which includes links to purchase tickets to the shows.

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Ranked #1 in Billboard magazine’s most recent list of the “Greatest R&B/Hip-Hop Artists of All Time,” The Temptations also appear in the magazine’s 125th Anniversary list of the “125 Greatest of All Time Artists.” In addition, Rolling Stone magazine named the group among the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time.” In September of 2020, the editors of Rolling Stone magazine commented that The Temptations are “Indisputably the greatest black vocal group of the Modern Era…,” and listed the group’s Anthology album among the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time.” The Anthology album has appeared in all three of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums’ lists.

The Temptations are deeply honored and grateful for the continued outpouring of adulation from fans everywhere. Thank you for being a part of our Temptations’ family worldwide.



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joyce_bell64's picture

I have been a TEMPTATION fan since the 1960's.  Last night we saw them in Galveston, TX. It was awesome, my friend, Harold Gill, was there with me.  He has always dreamed of being a Temptation and he sings well well.

michael_white953's picture

Disappointed, found out that Mario Corbino is no longer a member of the group, it's your group, but fans want to know about these issues. We heard he had been ill now we here he's replaced. I want to know. I enjoyed his voice and performing manner. That being said I won't continue my 60 year love affair. Tired of the little secrets!

LKKameha's picture

Happy birthday Mr Williams and many more ( Peace) and Divine Good Health To you Always! LaHaina Kameha I did have the pleasure to meet you in Los Angeles when I meant Ollie Woodson he was living with a friend of mine as her  roommate Vonnie Sweeney and Allie invited me to your concert at the Ampia theater and your performance on the Arsenio hall show it was a great great experience and Whitney Houston was sitting right behind me with her friend . Those were the days right? Many Blessings! 

LWPadgett's picture

I am 75, grew up with The Temptations. I’ve seen the Temptations miniseries 5 times, and I still cry every time! Motown music did bring the races together, and I believe we all liked the changes, the better for all of us.  I will continue to watch the miniseries as often as I can find it. The actors were Gold, just like the individuals they portrayed. And, I know that the Spirit of Christ led Otis through these times. God bless you all as you continue to journey!