The Temptations, often referred to as “American Music Royalty,” “One of America’s Most Beloved National Treasures,” “An American Institution,” and according to Billboard magazine, “the #1 R&B Artists of All Time,” are honored and deeply grateful for the continued outpouring of adulation from fans everywhere. In 2021, the Temptations will celebrate their 60th Anniversary, a significant milestone in their prolific career. 



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Otis, I know we already made a movie out of the Temptations but I'm also thinking you should make a tv show for this like into season instead of 2-4 hours of a movie. And also I'm a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE TEMPTATIONS FAN LIKE I KNOW ALL OF YOUR SONG AND I'm 13.

Leroy_Laws_Jr's picture

Please tell me where I can audition for the group. I'm 66yrs old and this isy music. I Can Sing and I'm the front man that can add to the group.Tell me what I have to do to prove it to you and more important, I Ain't To Proud To Beg For This Chance.

Thank You

Leroy Laws Jr

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Please get this message to the Temptations Jungle Jim is at Miami Valley Hospital. He’s on a Z pac breathing machine his breathing not good and is not responding to verbal commands. Ty’s Paul Heft 937-570-8643